The co-founder of Atelier Elite Wood and Granite Inc., manufacturer and retailer of Kitchen Cabinets and Granite, Marble, and Quartz couter-tops,opened EcoGranite as the economic recession hovered over the Canadian Market back in 2007. Innovative methods such as letting clients purchase kitchen cabinets and granite countertops directly from the manufacturer with %0 financing helped many home owners and contractors wrap up projects that would have been failures without the %0 financing in conjunction to direct fabricator prices of EcoGranite.

Now, thanks to the prosperous economy, and with the great lessons learnt about the pulse and direction of the market, Deal Protection Inc is going to set the trend in purchasing major home improvement items including products such as Kitchen Cabinets, Granite, Marble, and Quartz Countertops, as well as appliances such as refrigerators, stoves, dishwashers, washer and driers and so on as well as services such as installations of the aforementioned items and a lot more.

Direct shipment from the manufacturer's doors or the importing warehouse to your home or project site means large savings.

Also the 24 hour online shopping allows you as a home owner, designer, or contractor to shop without the hassle and time wasted in the traffic, and helps you study and examine what you need without the haggle of pushy and uninformed salespeople at retailers whose only goal can be to get more profit from you rather than helping direct your attention towards your real interest.

When it comes to services, the DPI service providers do not get paid until you, the reasonable client, is fully satisfied and the services are provided within the best standards of the industry. At the same time, they have peace of mind that their money is safe at Deal Protection while rendering the services and they will get paid once the project is rendered to the full satisfaction of their clients.


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Montreal, QC H1N1C4

Tel: 514- 996-2725


The product quality and descriptions are provided in as much detail as possible.

The products and services provided by Deal Protection are supported by the Full Guarantee of the manufacturers and suppliers of each product, in addition to the %100 superior quality and testimony of Deal Protection Inc. backing the clients to assure that the Deal Protection Clients receive the best selections from each supplier.

Damaged and defective items are fully refundable as long as the damage can be proven to have been before shipping. Shipment insurances will be responsible for damages happened during the shipment. Returned items for clients' change of mind are accepted as long as the client pays all the shipping and handling as well as the restocking fee on unopened and non-custom items. The restocking fee varies based on the products between %20 to %90 percent depending on the items.